Sandia Biotech, Inc. is a privately held New Mexico C-Corporation located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sandia Biotech is dedicated to becoming a leading cancer diagnostics and therapeutics company. The company is specializing in novel proprietary antibody and protein based reagents for use by biomedical research scientists. We currently offer five different product lines: SuperFolder GFP (sfGFP or sfFPs) in three colors (cyan, green, or yellow), sfFPs designed in expression vectors for bacteria and mammalian cells to primarily determine proper protein folding (Fold N Glow), split fluorescent proteins "sFPs" in three colors (cyan, green, or yellow fluorescent proteins) designed in expression vectors for bacteria and mammalian cells to image protein-protein interactions (Bind N Glow), and a novel protease assay is commercialized as a simple mix and read assay (Cut N Glow). Sandia Biotech also offers agonists and antagonists for the G-protein estrogen receptor (GPER) signaling pathway. With the launch of this new website we are also launching our newest line of recombinant, fluorescent antibody derivatives called FluorAbodies®. Sandia Biotech has advanced the FluorAbody technology into an efficient manufacturing process with all the features required for scaling the platform to meet the needs of the market.


FluorAbodies® - In November 2015, Sandia Biotech licensed a patented, recombinant fluorescent antibody platform from STC.UNM, the technology transfer organization of the University of New Mexico and Queen Mary University London to develop a novel panel of recombinant intrinsically fluorescent antibody derivatives. These "FluorAbodies®" are sold for research use now and eventually for disease diagnosis and treatment. Sandia Biotech’s recombinant fluorescent antibody derivatives, FluorAbodies®,are not derived from animal hosts, they are recombinant (derived from bacteria) intrinsically fluorescent proteins that offer a number of advantages when compared to fluorochrome-labeled antibodies. The advantages are:

  • recombinant antibodies constructed with the single chain variable fragment (scFv) of the parent antibody
  • highly antigen specific
  • small (< 55 kDa)
  • monovalent (no crosslinking)
  • lower non-specific binding when compared to fluorochrome-labeled antibodies
  • ideal properties for no wash flow cytometry assays
  • more quantitative because of scFv to fluorescent protein 1:1 ratio
  • reproducble properties that do not vary from lot to lot
  • significant cost savings when compared to fluorochrome-labeled antibodies


Split Fluorescent Proteins- Since December 2009 SBI has manufactured protein tools based on Split Green Fluorescent Protein “GFP” technology, which is licensed from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). These tools are now available in three colors a(cyan, green, or yellow) and are marketed to the academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical research communities throughout the world. They are available on our website as protein, detection and analysis tools and also through our distributors, (MilliporeSigma, Funakoshi, Interchim, Protein Technologies).


G Protein Estrogen Receptors- Sandia Biotech offers agonists and antagonists for the G-protein estrogen receptor (GPER) signaling pathway that is important in a number of cancers.


Please check our site frequently for updates and look for new products as we introduce them. For more information please call 505-342-0224 or send inquiries to